The Legend of Korra: Book 3 Official Trailer


Just one day after that amazing fan-made trailer, Nickelodean has finally released the official trailer for Book 3: Change.

My inital reaction to this? My jaw was literally hanging open, my eyes just staring into the screen, and I had to physically restrain myself from immediately jump up and start squealing and fangirling at the top of my lungs.

So, let’s get into this shall we?


All this time I thought that the only airbenders left were Korra, Tenzin, and his 3 children, but there’s another airbender! My theory is that this airbender is a child of Kya or Bumi, as they do carry the airbending genes, even if they themselves are not airbenders. Another theory I have is that they may be children of the Air Acolytes, as even though the Air Acolytes do not carry the airbending gene, they still have the potential to give birth to an airbender due to their religious/spiritual lifestyle. However, if you look carefully at this airbender in the image, they’re wearing green clothes, which hints to Earth Kingdom origins. If that’s true, then it would contradicts my previous theory of him being a child of the Air Acolytes as they wear yellow and red clothes.

It also appears as if this new airbender is training with or teaching Korra, so that suggests that he/she must be rather talented and skilled- perhaps at Jinora’s level, or maybe even higher.




BUMI AIRBENDING. I am so conflicted about this. On one hand, it is absolutely awesome to see Bumi become an airbender and getting to learn the arts of bending. However, on the other hand, part of Bumi’s appeal and what made him unique was how, in a family of benders and with the Avatar as his father and the world’s greatest waterbender as his mother, he wasn’t a bender yet could still kick ass. So Bumi becoming an airbender could be a pretty big hit-or-miss depending on the fans. As for me? I’m going to stay on the fence for this. Honestly, it all depends on how Bryke handle his development and transition into bending.








Is he…MAGMA BENDING? I thought this could only be done by the avatar in the avatar state! In the video, he was magmabending against Bolin and Mako, so I’m pretty sure he must be one of the new antagonists.




I find this to be very heartwarming and touching. Despite the whole Korra-Mako-Asami love triange mess, Asami still chooses to stick with and help Korra, as seen in this screenshot. I find it very sweet that Asami is able to put aside all her resentment and past history with Korra to extend her hand and help her, even when she has every right to turn away or end their friendship.



ZUKO. That is allmore zuko

ZUKO. That is all.

Haha, just kidding. As we can see, he’s as strong and badass as ever. He actually resembles Avatar Roku a lot, which is kind of nice considering Avatar Roku is his great-grandfather on his Mother’s side.

Seriously though, I cannot wait to see him in Book 3. He’s probably one of the top things I’m looking forward to in this season.



GAHHH...personal space lady

I just love Mako’s face; he’s just like, “GAHHH I NEED MY PERSON SPACE, WOMAN!”

So this is another antagonist; a mysterious female waterbender. Honestly, there’s not much more information or speculation I can give about her at this point. But from what I can tell, she looks pretty skilled and powerful- almost as powerful as Kya. Perhaps she’s going to become Kya’s nemesis?



Korra learns how to metalbend

Korra learns how to metalbend!


The major antagonists of this season appear to be the Dai Li, the mysterious female waterbender, Sparky Sparky Boom Woman aka Combustion Woman, and that male firebender who can bend magma. There are also some new faces who appear neutral, such as the mysterious airbenders and a woman with some sort of connection to Lin Bei Fong.

So this about sums up the major points of the trailer. Keep in mind that this is purely speculation and theories right now, as nothing has been confirmed yet.

Now, what do personally expect from Book 3? There’s actually quite a bit, as Book 2 left much to be desired, but here’s a brief summary of what I would like to see:
-Korra maturing and becoming more level-headed/open to suggestions from others
-Resolve the whole Korra-Mako-Asami love triangle. I know, Mako and Korra officially broke up in the finale of Book 2, but it still leaves the Mako-Asami relationship hanging, and this needs to be resolved immediately.
-More screentime and character development for Asami. There are a lot of parallels between Asami and Zuko, and I would love to see some interactions between these 2 characters.
-Zuko and Lin further training Mako and Bolin respectively, and acting as their mentors
-A NOT generic villain who has interesting ideals and viewpoints (we’re looking at you, Unalaq…)

I will say this though: one of the best things I love about LOK is that there’s so many strong, badass females, whether they be protagonists or antagonists. It’s great to see such multi-dimensional, take-charge female characters rather than the typical ditzy ones.


All in all, the trailer for Book 3 looks amazing. Not only is it action-packed, but there’s also a lot of new (and old!) faces and locations, which shows promise for an exciting, fast-paced season. I have absolute faith in the action and animation of season 3, but the only question that remains now is: What about the character developments of the Krew and the supporting characters? For me personally, I find that this aspect has been lacking in LOK lately. However, I have faith in Bryke, and believe that they’ll be able to redeem themselves from Book 2 and help boost LOK back up to the top.

Thank you for reading my analysis of the trailer and the upcoming Book 3.  If you have any questions or would just like to talk about LOK, feel free to comment and message me!

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